Emir Fils-Aime is a Storyteller, based in New York City.

From working in an ER to teaching middle schoolers how to debate- Emir pulls from his diverse past to craft textured stories that convey the intertwining complexities of human experience. 

Emir's more recent work explores the narrative capacity of emerging and immersive media. His virtual reality short film & installation Peer was an Official Selection at The People's Film Festival 2017. Last summer, he participated in a residency in VR at The School of Machines, Making, & Make-Believe in Berlin, Germany. While there, he built an experience that has since exhibited at ACUD Macht Neu in Berlin and BRIC Arts Media in NYC. He recently worked on an immersive, mobile augmented reality experience for Governor's Island in NYC as part of the Havas Fellowship- an initiative between Havas, NYC Media Lab, and The Trust for Governor's Island.

Emir is an IDEALab Fellow. He's developing a forthcoming VR piece while in the lab.

Emir holds an M.S. in Integrated Digital Media from New York University.

Contact/Inquiries: [email protected]

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