The 1st installment in a collection of upcoming virtual reality short films, Peer is a glimpse into a young man’s mind as he grapples with an ever looming cynicism surrounding his identity.

Want to bring "Peer" to your city, space, or school/program?

Reach out to us via blntprobe@gmail.com

And if you haven't already, please check out this great article about our past installation at NYU!

Past Installations:

6/3/17 - The People's Film Festival: Tech People Expo (Harlem, NY)

5/5/17 - NYU's Integrated Digital Media Show (Brooklyn, NY)


Actor- Henrico Joseph

Sound Design- Ricardo Broderick

Direction/Story/Cinematography- Emir J.S. Fils-Aime

Special thanks to Xavier Avery & Purav Virdi

Promotional & installation event images by Steven Jermaine Jones.

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